Korres – Natural Skincare from Greece

In the first of my natural skincare reviews Im looking at a brand Ive heard of often but never had the chance to try. First thing to know is that I have dry skin and for me the moisturising content is very important. Thats probably why Im so fussy about what I put on my skin. Because I slather it on every day. Since I have to do this I want to make sure its good for me, for my skin and for my environment.

As a company, Korres works hard to develop a quality, natural skincare product. Working with local Greek agricultural co-operatives, regularly developing tinctures and new herb combinations to expand their product range, sustainably.

Korres is free from:








Appealing to my dry skin, I chose a product that claimed to be for very dry and dehydrated skin – the Watercress Ultra Nourishing Moisturising Cream. It goes on thick but spreads easily. For me it leaves a reassuringly thick and sticky feeling, but within less than 30 minutes this soaks in to just leave silky, rehydrated skin.

97.7% Natural – 97.7% sure I’ll be using this again