Beautiful Biodegradeable Cleaning from Method

Some cleaning products say that they kill 99.9% of bacteria, some of them use chemicals to obliterate anything natural, leaving a (reassuring?) chemical smell. However more and more studies show that killing off all natural bacteria in your home in the pursuit of “cleanliness” could be doing more harm than good.

To that end Im always looking for cleaning products (for home and for me) that are a little more natural, and therefore kinder to me and to the environment. In Ireland they can be hard to find sometimes, so I was delighted when I came across a wide range of natural cleaning products from Method on sale in Homebase.

Method Cleaning products work hard to be human and planet friendly. The formulae for their products are plant based, and packaging is made from recycled plastics. They are also conscious of reducing the water used in manufacturing, as well as their carbon footprint and transport impact.

According to founders, their products are gentler than a thousand puppy licks and able to detox tall homes in a single afternoon. Cute! Their cleaners are derived from corn and coconut ingredients, and reduce the amount of chemicals you are introducing into your home. I love that on my bottle it says that clean should smell like grapefruit, and not chemicals. I agree!

However my all time favourite product is their lavender handwash. It smells so beautiful and natural and lavender-y that it makes me happy. Every time I use it! You will always find a bottle by my sink 🙂