Apples and Bananas, Friday night Eco-Nomics

Have you ever been in the position where you have a few brown bananas, some bruised apples and the odd nectarine, peach, plum or pear floating around. This was the case in my house this week. Not being one to waste, this was a bit of problem. Do I force myself to eat this not-so tempting fruit, or find another answer to this problem?

The answer – Marathon Baking session!

Baking is a wonderfully therapeutic way to spend a few hours – and unlike some other pursuits that can leave you feeling sad or disappointed when its finished. Once you’ve done baking you get to eat the fruits of your labour. Its a win win all around.

Who doesnt love Bananas?

So last night I took 6 brown bananas and turned them into:

  • Banana Pie?
  • Banana Custard?
  • Banana Cake?

Nope, Banana Bread. Its a little bit legendary in my house, this is my fallback recipe as once its done you can take a rest and enjoy a fresh, warm slice with a nice cuppa and then cut up the loaf and freeze. Then whenever you like, in the coming weeks, you can go to the freezer, grab a slice and toast. Tastes just as good as when it first came out of the oven! Want the recipe – post a comment here and Ill put it up.

6 sad bananas + butter, eggs, flour = 2 amazing banana loaves and weeks of Happy Eating. Thats Eco-Nomics!

I also had a couple of bruised apples, some soft plums and a random cooking apple floating around the fridge. Doesnt sound like th most exciting combination but just add a few ingredients and you have something warm and yummy!

I peeled and cut up the fruit, and boiled it with some sugar (no need to add water, as there is plenty naturally in the fruit). Take this off the heat when soft. Then our options are:

  • Apple pie
  • Apple Crumble

As I was feeling a little lazy I decided to make a crumble instead as there was no pastry involved. Banged some flour, oats, sugar and butter into the mixer and hey presto – instant crumble!

Bruised apples + soft plums + tasty crumble = a warm Eco-Nomical treat!

Yummy Yummy Banana Bread