Stuff I Love


Particularly house bunnies and rescue bunnies. I had my first bunny, Kahuna, for 7 years. We knew nothing about bunnies when we got him, but he taught me so much about bunnies, about animals and about life. He died in early April 2013 from complications with surgery and I am devastated. I miss him every day. However, because of him at least 8 more bunnies (and counting) have been either adopted by my or rescued, fostered and adopted onto very wonderful homes.





I foster bunnies for Last Hope Animal Charity, in Meath and try to educate people on just how great a pet rabbits can be. Rabbits can live for 12 years and make perfect indoor and outdoor pets. They are independent and curious and once bonded they can live happily together for life. They can be litter trained to live free in your house or apartment or live outside happily once you play with them every day. To give them the best chance in life they should be neutered and vaccinated against Myxymatosis and VHD.


I love cooking, and in particular baking. Not just because of the Great British Bake Off but because its therapy, good for your body and good for your pocket. Most of my cooking is dictated by whats in season, whats in the house and what I feel like eating. I would much rather know what I am putting into my body by cooking / baking it myself than consuming chemicals.  Avoiding food waste is my mission and I always have homemade croutons and a veg soup on the go! Ill share my recipes here with you.







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