Have your say on Energy: The European Environment Agency want to hear from you!


The European Environment Agency are looking to hear from you.

We have all heard government advice on reducing our energy costs – turn off the lights, change your light, service your boiler, etc… Have you ever wanted to let the lawmakers know just what you think would work?

Well this is your chance. The European Environment Agency want to hear from you, on just what you think is needed to make us change our ways.
They say that in 2010, European households consumed almost 13 % more energy than two decades ago and generated 25 % of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. This trend need to be reversed for the EU to reach its goal of reducing primary energy consumption by 20 % by 2020.

But what would make you reduce your energy consumption? Higher prices? Better information?

Have your say here: European Environment Agency Survey

Green Angel beauty – Irish and Natural

Ive just discovered a fabulous new range of Irish beauty products, made in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin. The range is called Green Angel and I am literally in love with their seaweed hand cream! Add to this a bath and a scrub with their Sunrise Body Scrub and Im in heaven.

This range is completely natural and Irish made. Contains no parabens or sulphates and is not tested on animals. All the things I love in my beauty products. And although they dont advertise an an aromatherapy range, thats what sells it – the smell. Once a tub opens I have no choice but to buy. It makes me happy. And if a hand cream can do that, Im in!

Check out: www.greenangel.ie


Earth Day 2013 – 22nd April

Today, Monday 22nd April, is Earth Day. a day for all of us to think about the planet, how we use and abuse it and what we can do to tread a little more lightly. Over 1 billion people across the globe are participating in events. You probably wont hear much about it on the radio or TV but the movement is growing every year.

Whether youre getting involved in any of the organised events, or just celebrating your own Earth Day the best thing you can do is to let people know.

  • Reduce your waste
  • Get crafty and reuse your wasteSMILE Resource Exchange
  • Register for the SMILE event in Tallaght Stadium this coming Thursday (25th April 2013) where businesses identify and make resource exchanges, and some people even get inspiration to start a business from someone else’s waste!
  • Recycle More – put just one more thing into your Green Bin
  • Check out whats happening during Eco Week in South Dublin
  • Save energy by turning off your lights or heating a little earlier now that the days are getting longer and warmer
  • Think about what your cooking – reduce food waste

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Happy Earth Day 2013

Beautiful Biodegradeable Cleaning from Method

Some cleaning products say that they kill 99.9% of bacteria, some of them use chemicals to obliterate anything natural, leaving a (reassuring?) chemical smell. However more and more studies show that killing off all natural bacteria in your home in the pursuit of “cleanliness” could be doing more harm than good.

To that end Im always looking for cleaning products (for home and for me) that are a little more natural, and therefore kinder to me and to the environment. In Ireland they can be hard to find sometimes, so I was delighted when I came across a wide range of natural cleaning products from Method on sale in Homebase.

Method Cleaning products work hard to be human and planet friendly. The formulae for their products are plant based, and packaging is made from recycled plastics. They are also conscious of reducing the water used in manufacturing, as well as their carbon footprint and transport impact.

According to founders, their products are gentler than a thousand puppy licks and able to detox tall homes in a single afternoon. Cute! Their cleaners are derived from corn and coconut ingredients, and reduce the amount of chemicals you are introducing into your home. I love that on my bottle it says that clean should smell like grapefruit, and not chemicals. I agree!

However my all time favourite product is their lavender handwash. It smells so beautiful and natural and lavender-y that it makes me happy. Every time I use it! You will always find a bottle by my sink 🙂


Korres – Natural Skincare from Greece

In the first of my natural skincare reviews Im looking at a brand Ive heard of often but never had the chance to try. First thing to know is that I have dry skin and for me the moisturising content is very important. Thats probably why Im so fussy about what I put on my skin. Because I slather it on every day. Since I have to do this I want to make sure its good for me, for my skin and for my environment.

As a company, Korres works hard to develop a quality, natural skincare product. Working with local Greek agricultural co-operatives, regularly developing tinctures and new herb combinations to expand their product range, sustainably.

Korres is free from:








Appealing to my dry skin, I chose a product that claimed to be for very dry and dehydrated skin – the Watercress Ultra Nourishing Moisturising Cream. It goes on thick but spreads easily. For me it leaves a reassuringly thick and sticky feeling, but within less than 30 minutes this soaks in to just leave silky, rehydrated skin.

97.7% Natural – 97.7% sure I’ll be using this again

11th March 2013 – Animal Testing in Europe is finally banned

Animal Testing banned in Europe 11th March 2013

Great news, from 11th March 2013, all ingredients in cosmetic products, as well as the finished products themselves, cannot be tested on animals in Europe. In addition, products tested on animals cannot be sold in Europe.

“The Cosmetics Directive provides the regulatory framework for the phasing out of animal testing for cosmetics purposes. It establishes a prohibition to test finished cosmetic products and cosmetic ingredients on animals (testing ban), and a prohibition to market in the European Union finished cosmetic products and ingredients included in cosmetic products which were tested on animals for cosmetics purposes (marketing ban). The same provisions are contained in the Cosmetics Regulation, which replaces the Cosmetics Directive as of 11 July 2013.
The testing ban on finished cosmetic products applies since 11 September 2004; the testing ban on ingredients or combination of ingredients applies since 11 March 2009.
The marketing ban applies since 11 March 2009 for all human health effects with the exception of repeated-dose toxicity, reproductive toxicity and toxicokinetics. For these specific health effects the marketing ban applies since 11 March 2013, irrespective of the availability of alternative non-animal tests.”
Source: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/sectors/cosmetics/animal-testing/

Now, when is the rest of the world going to catch up?

Eco Products at Irelands Pregnancy and Baby Fair

Today I went along to Ireland’s Pregnancy and Baby Fair at the RDS.

I love this show and I think that Claire and Jen have done an amazing job to bring this standard of event to Ireland. It was lovely to see all the babies and bumps there, enjoying the day and even finding some bargains. What was also lovely to see was the wide range of Eco Baby products at the event.  I saw Earth Mother and Eco Baby both with stands there.

I saw stands selling: Burts Bees Baby Range, Weleda Baby Range, Trilogy for Mama, Ecover and all other manner of Eco Products at the event. I was also delighted to spot Irish made Bia Beauty there too. This Cork based company makes creates handmade beauty products from scratch and is 100% Irish. I was tempted by almost everything on show – from the beautiful exfoliators to body creams but I couldnt resist a cute little tin of lip balm – chai latte flavoured! Yum!

Congrats to the girls who organise the fair, who launched the Huggy Bloom brand at the fair too – with a fabulous range of childrens furniture (cot and daybed). 100% Irish and Solid wood too. Looking forward to next year already.


H&M Conscious Collection Spring 2013

In the search to be a Chic, Modern and Fashion Forward Peachy Green lady, Im always keeping an eye out for sustainable fashion brands. I was pleasantly surprised when, in need of some new work clothes, I stumbled into H&M last week and pride of place at the entrance of the shop was a very large range from their Conscious Collection.

They say:

I like this as it adheres to all three values in the Triple Bottom Line principle. Also they are not just focussing on one aspect of bringing their consciousness into their brand, but in the overall impact the manufacture and distribution of their clothes has.

  1. Water: 450 Million Litres of water saved in their denim production
  2. Charity: 3.2 million garments donated to charity
  3. The number 1 user of organic cotton worldwide
  4. Garment collection and reuse in store
  5. Partners – teaming up with Unicef and WWFOn my wishlist
Sounds great, but if the clothes are not usable, poor quality, badly designed or constructed, nobody is actually going to use it. Well I was impressed. In that one night I bought 2 tops, a beautiful shirt, a pair of trousers
and have my eye on a fabulous dress from the collection.Happy, guilt free shopping. We like 🙂

Whats your favourite natural beauty brand?

There are so many beauty brands out there, many of them claiming to be organic and natural. But which ones really work and are available in Ireland?
This is a quest I’ve been on for a while now and will be documenting my findings here. Would love to hear your thoughts though!