Get the Library!

Hi again, its been a busy time here for Peachy Green and Im just learning about this whole blogging for myself thing so forgive me for the lack of communication!

First of all, thanks to everyone who came along to Cork’s Aternative Wedding Event and for making it such a huge success. I love my lovely wedding family at One of a Kind Weddings, and planning my own green wedding is definitely helped by the inspiration I get from them, but more of that later.

Anyway, in an attempt to keep myself sane and Peachy Green, on these now dark days, Ive been checking out my local library. Let me first say that I am officially a geek. No need to slag me, I know it. I just have to say that I love libraries. Love, love, love them. In fact I love them so much that I had to create one at home, and my boyf recently asked me how many books did you need to own to start a library. God knows I have enough, but theres always more to be had…more, I want more…

Im a bookworm and I know it

I love the work done by South Dublin Libraries, the library in Tallaght is amaze-balls! The collection is huge, as is the variety. I could spend the day there. As for books, though I love a novel, recently I find it hard to concentrate on them for too long so something a little craftsy or a cookery book is where I naturally gravitate to. Being Peachy Green, you can never have too many cook books.

Recently Im reading:

Fruits of the Earth: All about preserving – Ill be stocking up my jams and chutneys over the coming months and promise to share some of the recipes I use with you

Its Vintage Darling: I adore this book so much I had it out for 5 months straight and now have my own copy on order. Its out of print so get your hands on it soon. Having recently started to get into vintage and secondhand clothing, this book is a godsend to show you what to look out for!

Make, Mend, Bake, Save and Shine: This little book from Oxfam is a lovely reminder of all the fab crafty things we can do that are also green. From Eco-Cleaning, to makign your own toys, its a gorgeous little book of inspiration.

Anyway, thats all the inspiration I have for you guys today. If you have a little time on your hands, you should try it yourself – Get thee, to the library!

Happy National Organic Week

Do you eat organic? Were you aware that this is Ireland’s National Organic Week. I try eat as a much organic food as possible but on a week like this Im particularly aware of it. Not least of all because Lidl are selling a lot of their organic produce at only 1 Euro! I mean, its cheaper than a lot of the other produce and quite a lot of it is Irish.

Organic food is fantastic in so many ways. You may question whether their is a taste different but by buying organic you are supporting the planet and people who want to use our land sustainably. It contributes to the efforts to save our seeds and biodiversity and protect agains the spread of pests and disease.

So in this week – get out and try organic. In the rest of your life – try and buy organic. As Tesco says “every little helps”.

Welcome to a Peachy Green Life

Welcome to my Peachy Green World. I’m just an average girl, living in an average town trying to live the best life she can. Having fun and keeping it green at the same time. Hope you enjoy my blog. Stay with me while I’m earning my stripes (or polka dots) and I’ll keep you up to date on the little things we can do in our modern lives to try to make a difference. Hope you’re Peachy Keen too!


Peachy (aka Andrea)