Is it easy being a green parent?

Becoming a parent is a huge change of life. I was under the impression that it was another challenge but one I would take to smoothly. Honestly the first few months were hard, the hardest things Ive ever coped with. It probably didnt help that we were in the middle of a relocating nightmare, but the image I had of becoming a baby wearing, organic food making, reusable nappy loving Mom did not happen for me.

And you know what – thats ok.

Theres a huge amount of pressure on new parents, particularly on Mums who are trying to cope with the physical trauma of childbirth, and the (often) stress associated with feeding this newborn, which may be your sole responsibility if breastfeeding without bottles. But lets not get into that debate here.

For me, one of the biggest things I wanted to do was to use reusable nappies. And having researched it I expected that this would be infintely possible. However, in my sleep deprived, post traumatic stress state, this was just one more things I couldnt get my head around. The resuable nappies available now are fantastic, easy to wash, use and reuse. But with pressure coming from all around me about not “making my life more difficult” I caved. And decided to go with disposables. For this I felt like a failure. But then I found a fantastic option – in environmentally friendly nappies, available in selected Boots stores – Naty, by Nature. They claim to be unbleached, contain no latex, fragrance, or TBT (tributyltin), and are hypo-allergenic – better for my baby and the planet.

I still sometimes use reusable nappies – when Im at home with my baby. However when he is minded by someone else, or when we are out I try to use Naty as much as possible.


Blog I love – The Verdant Yank

God, life is busy! Moving house, making a family, working, shopping, living, exercising…wheres the time? Keeping up with this blog as well as living is certainly a challenge.

Women are good multitaskers but sometimes its a challenge to keep up with it all. Especially the tough stuff – like Climate Change! Step in Dr Cara Augustenborg and her fantastic blog – The Verdant Yank. I had the pleasure of getting to know Cara through a number of experiences, especially the Ben and Jerrys Climate Change Challenge.

Recently she has been blogging on everything you need to know on Climate Change and Politics, and I for one am rivetted. So get over there and follow Cara.

A new Natural in town – Naturamatics

Recently at the late night charity casino of this years Green Awards I was a lucky winner. Part of my prize package was a hamper of natural beauty products. You all know Im a huge fan of natural beauty I was excited by this one! The brand was one of the nominees at the awards, a new brand in Ireland, coming straight out of North County Dublin – Naturamatics.

I received my little hamper of products very excited to try them out. It contained everything you might need for your natural skincare regime:

  • Cleansing Wash
  • Organic Toner
  • Moisturiser
  • Facial Oil
  • Facial Scrub
  • Skin Mask
  • Lip Balm


Ive been excitedly trying out the products, and my current favourite is the Facial Oil. Im a big fan of the Trilogy brand of Facial Oils (based in Rosehip) so I was excited to see how the Irish brand matched this. I was pleasantly surprised. Though not as heavy (it is appropriate for oily skin), it leaves my dry skin beautifully moisturised and silky soft and makes a fabulous base for my main moisturiser.

One other thing that gives it an edge is the smell. Its DIVINE!! Geranium and orange, it gives your skin and senses a lift daily.

Well done Naturamatics, Im loving your work and look forward to trying out the rest of the range.

For more info on Naturamatics you can check out

Funky Furniture Find

Have you heard of Busy Bees, Furniture Recycling? Im often on the look out for environmentally friendly, upcycled / recycled furniture and just came across this jem – Busy Bees Furniture Recycling

They have amazing pieces in, with more coming in all the time – some funky finds and a cool way to furnish your place without breaking the budget.

Direct from the company: “At Busybee’s, we not only recycle, prepare and resell pre-loved furniture at great prices but we also provide a removal service for any unwanted household furniture in reusable condition.”

Im running down to pick up this pre-loved bargain asap!

Trial an Electric Car – how amazing!

EBS is giving you the chance to become an ECar Ambassadors and drive an electric car for The Great Electric Drive, for four months!. Im telling everyone I can to get in on this amazing opportunity, not just for EcoTypes!

They are inviting members of the public and the business community to take part in an even bigger electric car trial for 2014 – featuring a wider range of ecars.

They are currently looking for 24 ambassadors across a wide variety of ages, lifestyles, occupations and commuting patterns to get involved in this initiative. So if you want the chance to experience the thrill and cost saving benefits of electric driving, then enter now, to join the latest team of ecar ambassadors!

Check out for more info! But time is running out!

Have your say on Energy: The European Environment Agency want to hear from you!


The European Environment Agency are looking to hear from you.

We have all heard government advice on reducing our energy costs – turn off the lights, change your light, service your boiler, etc… Have you ever wanted to let the lawmakers know just what you think would work?

Well this is your chance. The European Environment Agency want to hear from you, on just what you think is needed to make us change our ways.
They say that in 2010, European households consumed almost 13 % more energy than two decades ago and generated 25 % of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. This trend need to be reversed for the EU to reach its goal of reducing primary energy consumption by 20 % by 2020.

But what would make you reduce your energy consumption? Higher prices? Better information?

Have your say here: European Environment Agency Survey

Green Angel beauty – Irish and Natural

Ive just discovered a fabulous new range of Irish beauty products, made in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin. The range is called Green Angel and I am literally in love with their seaweed hand cream! Add to this a bath and a scrub with their Sunrise Body Scrub and Im in heaven.

This range is completely natural and Irish made. Contains no parabens or sulphates and is not tested on animals. All the things I love in my beauty products. And although they dont advertise an an aromatherapy range, thats what sells it – the smell. Once a tub opens I have no choice but to buy. It makes me happy. And if a hand cream can do that, Im in!

Check out:


Earth Day 2013 – 22nd April

Today, Monday 22nd April, is Earth Day. a day for all of us to think about the planet, how we use and abuse it and what we can do to tread a little more lightly. Over 1 billion people across the globe are participating in events. You probably wont hear much about it on the radio or TV but the movement is growing every year.

Whether youre getting involved in any of the organised events, or just celebrating your own Earth Day the best thing you can do is to let people know.

  • Reduce your waste
  • Get crafty and reuse your wasteSMILE Resource Exchange
  • Register for the SMILE event in Tallaght Stadium this coming Thursday (25th April 2013) where businesses identify and make resource exchanges, and some people even get inspiration to start a business from someone else’s waste!
  • Recycle More – put just one more thing into your Green Bin
  • Check out whats happening during Eco Week in South Dublin
  • Save energy by turning off your lights or heating a little earlier now that the days are getting longer and warmer
  • Think about what your cooking – reduce food waste

Subscribe to this blog and pick up some more tips 🙂

Happy Earth Day 2013

Beautiful Biodegradeable Cleaning from Method

Some cleaning products say that they kill 99.9% of bacteria, some of them use chemicals to obliterate anything natural, leaving a (reassuring?) chemical smell. However more and more studies show that killing off all natural bacteria in your home in the pursuit of “cleanliness” could be doing more harm than good.

To that end Im always looking for cleaning products (for home and for me) that are a little more natural, and therefore kinder to me and to the environment. In Ireland they can be hard to find sometimes, so I was delighted when I came across a wide range of natural cleaning products from Method on sale in Homebase.

Method Cleaning products work hard to be human and planet friendly. The formulae for their products are plant based, and packaging is made from recycled plastics. They are also conscious of reducing the water used in manufacturing, as well as their carbon footprint and transport impact.

According to founders, their products are gentler than a thousand puppy licks and able to detox tall homes in a single afternoon. Cute! Their cleaners are derived from corn and coconut ingredients, and reduce the amount of chemicals you are introducing into your home. I love that on my bottle it says that clean should smell like grapefruit, and not chemicals. I agree!

However my all time favourite product is their lavender handwash. It smells so beautiful and natural and lavender-y that it makes me happy. Every time I use it! You will always find a bottle by my sink 🙂